Highly recommend playing in full screen to make the scrolling experience easier!

A recently-fired professor reels from the consequences of a decision and struggles to understand herself. Domestic drama with LGB themes.


- 4 different endings

- Plenty of flavor text that depends on your choices but does not impact the ending

About Emma contains scenes with mature content (not explicit, but definitely mature) and emotional/domestic angst as well as repeated mentions of infidelity. It may put you in the shoes of a character you don't agree with or overtly hate, and if you're not alright with that you should turn away now. Additionally, there is a significant age gap between two characters who are sexually involved, but both are of legal age (in case that's a concern for you) and the plot does not excuse the gap. You have been duly warned.

If you're having any technical issues/the playing experience is uncomfortable for you, please let me know!


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a really good game with beautiful descriptions and immersive wording. very compelling characters and drama